Social Movements and Globalization: How Protests, Occupations and Uprisings are Changing the World.

book cover soc and globI am delighted to announce the publication of my new book  Social Movements and Globalization: How Protests, Occupations and Uprisings are Changing the World.  It is available in paperback, (or hardcover for library copies). The book is available from:    (UK) (US)


‘The best book on the new movements for radical social change in the 21st century that I have read.’ – John Foran, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara

“An engaging and accessible account of key developments in current social movements’ struggles against injustice, neoliberal globalization and political repression, drawn from a diverse series of sites, including Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and North America. It is a fine contribution to literature in the field.” – Kathie Muir, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of Adelaide, Australia

“An important, original and much-needed analysis of contemporary social movements. Drawing on a wealth of research and written in an engaging style, it offers an excellent resource for scholars and lecturers alike.” – Celia Valiente, Associate Professor in Sociology and Politics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Book Description: This exciting book provides a fascinating insight into contemporary social movements in a globalized world. Written in an engaging and lively style, clearly defined concepts covering the key areas of debate in social movement and globalization studies are richly illustrated by case studies from around the world, including in depth analysis of the recent global wave of anti-austerity and pro-democracy protests, with discussion of Iceland, Tunis, Egypt, Spain and Occupy Wall Street. Presenting cutting edge research and up-to-date original analysis, with comprehensive chapters on the Global Justice Movement, Cultural Resistance, Media, Cyberactivism, and the recent Global Protest Wave, and covering Anonymous, Slutwalks, Culture Jamming, Flashmobs, and much more, this book is perfect for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics, challenges and opportunities of social movements today.

Key features: Cutting edge and original analysis of contemporary social movements in a globalized world Richly illustrated case studies and examples from around the world, from Anonymous and 15-M/Indignados to the Zapatistas Key areas of social movement and globalization studies, including the Global Wave of Anti-Austerity and Pro-Democracy Protests from Iceland, Tunis, Egypt, Spain to Occupy Wall Street, the Global Justice Movement, Cyberactivism, Cultural Resistance, Media, and much more Introductory chapters provide a clear, comprehensive grounding in social movement and globalization theory, written in a lively, engaging style Draws on research from a range of disciplines, including Sociology, Politics, International Relations, Cultural, Media, Gender and Globalization Studies Perfect for use in the classroom across a wide range of modules and will be of interest to scholars, students and general readers alike.


1. Social Movements and Globalization: Concepts and Debates
2. Globalization and Social Movements
3. The Global Justice Movement
4. Cultural Resistance in a Globalized World
5. Social Movements, Media, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
6. Arab Spring, Indignados, Occupy-A Global Wave of Protest?

And yes, the last chapter does cover austerity politics at length! I hope you enjoy it!

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