Resources from The Only Thing Worth Globalizing is Dissent Conference Cairo March 6-8 2015

I was honoured and delighted to be invited to deliver a keynote address at this conference in Cairo. Given the current levels of repression, the conference was nothing short of a minor miracle. This is due to the incredible efforts of the organizers, including  Professor Mona Baker, who has circulated the message below, which I reproduce here so that anyone who could not attend can have access to some of the keynotes and workshops, programme and other resources. Hopefully you will find something inspirational there, as I did.

Message from Mona Baker:

Translation and the Many Languages of Resistance

With the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies at Manchester, I am pleased to offer free access to some of the highlights of the hugely successful conference held in Cairo on 6-8 March. A resources section has been created on the conference site (, with links to the full delegate booklet for those who did not attend the conference or arrived after we ran out of copies, a link to a review of the conference published in Mada Masr, and 8 downloadable videos:

Trailer, with highlights of the event:…/

Plenary 1
Samah Selim: Text and Context – Translating in a State of Emergency…/

Plenary 2
Mada Masr: Journalism as Translation…/

Plenary 3
Leil-Zahra Mortada: Translation and Solidarity in Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution…/

Plenary 4
Khalid Abdalla: Changing Frames and Fault-lines…/

Plenary 5
Brandon Jourdan: Translating Rebellion – From Local Protests to Global Uprisings…/

Plenary 6
Cristina Flesher Fominaya: The Translation of Protests and Movements Across Time, Space and Culture…/

Plenary 7
Amro Ali: Alexandria and Activism – Translating Memory, Mythology and Utopianism…/

Alisa Lebow: Filming Revolution – A New Media Experiment in Translating Complex Experience

Please note that all these resources are free to download, circulate, and post on blogs and other web sites, provided the source is acknowledged.

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