Contentious Politics in an Age of Austerity” is a research project that looks at collective forms of resistance to austerity measures imposed by European governments allegedly due to the global financial crisis, and related forms of protest for stronger democracy, greater economic justice, more transparency and against corruption. The study takes Europe as its context but focuses specifically on Spain and Ireland, and primarily on Madrid and Dublin. The study uses various methods, including participant observation, in depth interviews, focus groups, news and webpage analysis and survey and polling data. It examines the dynamics of social movement networks and the use of ICTs, digital media and other forms of media in mobilization. The study is funded by the Marie Curie Intra -European Fellowship of the European Union, but does not represent the opinions of the European Union or any of its representatives.

This blog highlights some news and images of the ongoing project, and provides links to relevant websites and articles, as well as information on upcoming events and talks.

For access to academic publications and some unpublished public talks, please visit also: https://aberdeen.academia.edu/CristinaFlesherFominaya

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