Project Outputs



Flesher Fominaya C (2014) Social movements and globalization: How protests, occupations and uprisings are changing the world. [1] London: Palgrave Macmillan. * Reviewed in Social Movement Studies, Antipode, Interface, RoarMag. Reviews forthcoming in, Journal of Social Policy, Jugendpolitik in Europa, Mobilization, Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas.


Flesher Fominaya C (2014) Debunking Spontaneity: Spain’s 15-M/Indignados as Autonomous Movement. Social Movement Studies, 14 (2).

Book Chapters

Flesher Fominaya C and Montañés Jiménez A. (2014) Transnational diffusion across time: The adoption of the Argentinian Dirty War “escrache” in the context of Spain’s housing crisis. In della Porta D and Mattoni A (eds) Spreading protest: Social movements in times of crisis. Colchester, UK: ECPR Press, 19-42.



Flesher Fominaya C and Cox L (eds) (2013) Understanding European movements: New social movements, global justice struggles, anti-austerity protests. London: Routledge. *Reviewed in European Political Science, Forschungsjournal soziale Bewegungen, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Roar Mag, Social Movement Studies.

EU/Council of Europe Commissioned Articles

Flesher Fominaya C (2013) Occupation as Inspiring Practice for Youth Political Participation. Link Me In Youth Policy and Practice, Budapest, Salto-Youth, Council of Europe and EU Commission in the Area of Youth.

Flesher Fominaya C (2013) European Youth and Political Participation in Times of Crisis. Jugend für Europa, Building Tomorrow’s Europe, Bonn.

Public Engagement Articles

Flesher Fominaya C (2014) Put a Gag on it: Spain’s criminalization of 15-M. Red Pepper Magazine. Issue 196: 19.

Flesher Fominaya C (2014) Spain is Different: Podemos and 15-M”[1], Open Democracy, May 29,
Reposted on Euro Crisis in the Press, London School of Economics:

Flesher Fominaya C (2014) España es diferente: Podemos y 15-M. 4º Poder en red, Pú, June 9, [2]

Flesher Fominaya C (2014) Spain’s Marches of Dignity, 22M, 2014: not anti-politics. Open Democracy, March 25, 2014.

Flesher Fominaya C (2013) On the “Decline” of Madrid, the State Re-appropriation of Public Space, and Strange Hope, Social Movements and the European Crisis, Interface Journal, 5 (2),

[1] Most read article on Open Democracy for several days after publication, idem for LSE Euro Crisis blog.

[2] This article was one of the top posts for the news blog for several days after publication.